Since 1981, specializing in the production of unvulcanized rubber compounds and adhesives

Our facilities span over 8,000 square meters and include two mixing lines

All Types of Elastomers

We work with a wide range of elastomers, including NR, SBR, BR, CR, IIR, BIIR, CSM, CM, FKM/VITON, SILICONE/MVQ, NBR, XNBR, HNBR, URETHANE/UREPAN, and ECO.
Industries Served:
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Desalination Plants
  • Civil Engineering
  • Abrasion Coating
  • Corrosion Coating


Our Products

Our production materials are divided into Unvulcanized Rubber Compounds and Rubber-Based Adhesives.

Roller Head Line

Attain precision calendering featuring a flawless, smooth surface devoid of any occlusions or air entrapment.
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Calender Line

We manufacture and calender custom rubber compounds according to customer specifications.
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COLD Bonding Adhesive

It is used to bond and repair vulcanized rubber sheets to metal and to adhere them to each other.
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HOT Bonding Adhesive

It is used to manufacture silent blocks, bridge bearings, expansion joints, and interior linings of tanks and containers.
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